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Christian Dating Service Tells Commuters: Jesus Can Make You a ‘Better Lover’

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January 8, 2014|2:46 pm

A Christian dating website in London is taking a unique approach to advertising through a new campaign dotting the London Underground, telling commuters that believing in Jesus will make them "better lovers."

The posters, which will adorn the outside panels of the city's Tube carriers, include vivid colors and fonts reminiscent of retro advertisements for anti-impotence drugs. One advertisement reads: "Christians Make Better Lovers," making many commuters assume that the message is directed toward sex, instead of relationships. The message is clarified by smaller print below that reads: "Christians believe in love. 'Love one another' is written into their code. So if you are a single Christian, why not give our award-winning dating site a try?"

Another advertisement reads "Another dating site? Thank God! No seriously. That's because we're not just another dating site, we're dedicated to matching single Christians in the UK."

A third ad says "God knew you would see this. He knows that if you are Christian and single you would probably love a like-minded partner. So why not give our award-winning dating site a try?"

Jackie Elton, the founder of Christian Connection, the dating website behind the advertisements, told The Telegraph that her company wanted to take a fresh and fun approach. "We wanted to be friendly, engaging and surprising," Elton said.

"We hope it will make people of all faiths and none sit up and take notice," she continued, adding, "the campaign informs single Christians about a website that may help them find a mate who shares the same worldview."

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Elton went on to describe the style of the advertisements as "exciting, colorful and retro," adding that her company "[wants] to spread our wings and reach a wider range of Christians."

The advertisements were created by the advertising firm Noah, and the company's creative director, Chas Bayfield, said he believes the new Christian dating campaign is "a great opportunity not only to tell the world about Christian Connection, but to create something contemporary and relevant – not something many church organizations are known for."

Christian Connection's Facebook page reiterates its goal of connecting single Christians to other single Christians in a dating environment that can sometimes be difficult to navigate.

"We know it can be a hard to create connections with other likeminded Christians. Those in small churches often find it hard to meet enough single people," the group states, adding, "those in large churches feel under the spotlight, or find it hard to get to know people well."

"The opportunities to meet Christians from other denominations, or even just different churches, can be few and far between. Christian Connection is trying to make it easier."

The mural-style advertisements will begin appearing in the London Tube beginning Jan. 13.

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Comedian creates ‘worst online dating profile ever’ as social experiment

This is comedian Alli Reed’s fake online dating profile.

Comedian Alli Reed set up a fake online dating profile using a model friend’s headshot.

A Los Angeles comedian created the “worst online dating profile ever” to find out just how horrible a woman has to be before the indecent proposals finally stop.

In Alli Reed’s case, men were willing to look past a scary stream of red flags — heavy drinking, drug use, lying about pregnancy — to say hello to a pretty face.

“I’ve had the same experience I think a lot of women have on dating websites — being inundated with creepy messages that I think men would send to anyone with a pulse,” Reed, 26, told the Daily News.

So she created the worst persona she could think of, presenting herself as an insensitive, greedy 25-year-old who parties too much, knocks cups out of homeless people’s hands and tricks her parents into paying her bills.


The social experiment was to see if men — Reed’s OkCupid profile stated she was only interested in male relationships — would still bite.

She got 150 messages in the first 24 hours of introducing the profile, under the username “AaronCarterFan.”

“Generally, they would be the kind of messages like, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ or they would be very specific, explicit requests,” Reed said.

She chalks it up to the pretty headshot she used — borrowed from a model friend — but expressed her disappointment in an essay published on


“Men of the world: You are better than this,” Reed wrote. “I know many of you would never message AaronCarterFan, but many of you would, and a whole bunch of you did. You’re better than that. There are women and men out there who are smart, and kind, and challenging, and honest, and a lot of other really positive adjectives.”

But Reed didn’t give up on online dating altogether.

Around the same time, she met her boyfriend on OkCupid — using a real profile. They’re still dating.

The fake profile, which was active for about three weeks late last year, has been deleted.

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The Delray Recovery Center Presents a Workshop on Love and Trauma

Delray Beach, FL (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

The Delray Recovery Center’s Clinical Director, Sarah Gentry, LMHC, CAP, will be presenting a workshop in conjunction with the South Florida Society for Trauma-Based Disorders. The event will take place on Friday, February 14, from 9am until 12pm at the Hyatt Place in Delray Beach, Florida.

In this workshop titled “Love and Trauma: Seeking Healthy Relationships”, mental health professionals will learn more about the concepts of love addiction, love avoidance, and develop an understanding of how trauma impacts the ability to choose healthy relationships. Workshop participants will also learn new skills to help their clients begin their journey towards loving relationships, and develop the ability to distinguish triggers that lead to unhealthy connections.

The South Florida Society for Trauma-Based Disorders has over 10 years of experience in providing quality education and trauma training to local clinicians. This workshop will award participants three CE credits. The registration cost is $30 in advance, $45 to register at the time of the presentation.

As The Delray Recovery Center’s Clinical Director, Sarah Gentry develops individualized treatment plans to help clients effectively move through the center’s 5 phase step-down continuum of care. Gentry is a frequent guest speaker at national conferences, and has extensive experience treating chemical dependency, trauma, dual diagnosis, and eating disorders.

Located in Delray Beach, FL, The Delray Recovery Center offers individualized treatment programs for alcohol and drug addiction, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. The Delray Recovery Center draws from a comprehensive curriculum and a variety of treatment modalities to provide clients with the tools necessary to achieve long-term recovery.

To register for this workshop, please contact Alison Johnston, LCSW, at (954) 830-3090 or email Alison at alison_johnston(at)bellsouth(dot)net.

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Utah grappling with legal status of married same-sex couples – Deseret News

Couples wait to get marriage licenses at the Salt Lake County clerk's office on Monday, Dec. 23, 2013, after the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver on Sunday denied a stay of a federal judge's ruling allowing for same-sex marriage in Utah pending a hearing Monday morning.

Ravell Call, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Same-sex couples who have marriage licenses but didn't wed before Monday morning can't legally do so now, according to the Salt Lake County district attorney.

And the legal status of those who did get married during the 17 days it was legal in Utah is unsettled as state and county officials figure out how to deal with the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court order that halted gay marriage in the state.

New Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes couldn't answer that question Monday but described married gay and lesbian couples as being in "legal limbo."

Reyes is expected to provide an opinion on the legal status of those couples to Gov. Gary Herbert on Wednesday, said Missy Larsen, attorney general's office spokeswoman. It will address how Utah should handle matters such as filing state income tax returns.

Meanwhile, the attorney general's search for an outside law firm to handle the state's appeal of the federal court ruling that allowed same-sex marriages in Utah has been extended for one week because the office received a "low number" of bids, assistant attorney general Alan Bachman said.

That would give the incoming attorneys less than two weeks to meet the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals' Jan. 27 deadline to file initial arguments in the case. Reyes estimates the state could spend as much as $2 million on outside counsel.

The unresolved legal questions arose when U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby on Dec. 20 struck down Utah's voter-approved definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.

Jeremy Cunningham and his partner rushed to the Salt Lake County Clerk's Office to get a marriage license within hours of a federal court ruling last month that allowed them to become husband and husband.

The two Salt Lake men paid $40 for the license but didn't grab one of the ministers or others performing weddings on the spot. And they didn't marry during the next 17 days.

"We were waiting to organize a wedding, so we have our license but we no longer have a marriage date," Cunningham said.

The couple are among a number of Utahns who obtained licenses but didn't get married before Monday's high court order. The order will stay in place while the state appeals Shelby's decision.

"We're left in limbo," Cunningham said.

The county clerk's office received telephone calls the past two days from clergy wondering if they could still conduct weddings for gay couples who have marriage licenses, which expire 30 days after they were issued.

Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill said the county has told ministers they can do what they want, but the law reverts back to the "pre-Shelby universe."

"If you couldn't perform it then, you can't perform it now regardless of whether you have a license or not because the stay takes the legal effect away from that," he said.

Gill said the ceremony would violate the state constitution and state law, which makes it a class A misdemeanor to solemnize a marriage between same-sex couples.

Less settled is the status of same-sex couples who were married before the stay.

Gill said that will ultimately have to be decided, but the marriages were lawful at the time they were performed.

"I can't really give legal advice on that. That's something that's going to have to be addressed and determined," he said.

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More couples who become parents are living together but not marrying, data show – Washington Post

No longer taboo, living together has become a more common arrangement for U.S. couples who become pregnant while dating.

Soon-to-be-released government figures show a major cultural shift since the days of “shotgun weddings” aimed at avoiding family embarrassment. With marriage on the decline, the shift is helping redefine the traditional notion of family.

“The emergence of cohabitation as an acceptable context for childbearing has changed the family-formation landscape,” said Christina Gibson-Davis, a sociology professor at Duke University. “Individuals still value the idea of a two-parent family but no longer consider it necessary for the parents to be married.”

Still, she cautions that children in cohabiting households may face more difficulties growing up if their unmarried parents are at higher risk of breaking up.

In all, the share of unmarried couples who opted to have “shotgun cohabitations” — moving in together after a pregnancy — surpassed “shotgun marriages” for the first time during the last decade, according to a forthcoming paper from the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The trend was affirmed by three demographers who conducted separate research on the topic.

It’s the latest demographic tipping point as cohabitations turn mainstream — a far cry from the days when the father of a pregnant daughter might coerce the baby’s father into marriage.

The numbers are based on the government’s National Survey of Family Growth, typically issued every four years. It provides the only government data on cohabiting mothers by asking questions on a woman’s relationship status before and after conception and childbirth. Women who say they were single before conception and then married before childbirth are counted as someone who had a post-conception, or “shotgun” marriage; those who moved in with their boyfriends after pregnancy had a post-conception or “shotgun” cohabitation.

Demographers say the cohabiting trend among new parents is likely to continue. Social stigma regarding out-of-wedlock births is loosening, and economic factors play a role. Many couples, especially those who lack a bachelor’s degree, are postponing marriage until their finances are more stable. But because of globalization, automation and outsourcing, good-paying middle-income jobs are harder to come by.

“Because marriages are becoming more polarized by economic status, I don’t see the trend of shotgun cohabitations reversing any time soon,” said Casey Copen, a demographer at the government’s National Center for Health Statistics, which administers the government survey.

About 18.1 percent of all single women who became pregnant opted to move in with their boyfriends before the child was born, according to 2006-2010 data from the government’s National Survey of Family Growth, the latest available. That is compared with 5.3 percent who chose a post-conception marriage.

As recently as the early 1990s, 25 percent of such couples got married.

Cohabiting mothers are spurring increases in out-of-wedlock births, now at a high of 41 percent. In all, about 60 percent of all births during the 2000s were to married mothers, compared with 24 percent to cohabiting mothers and 16 percent to non-cohabiting mothers. That was the first time that cohabiting births exceeded births from single mothers who weren’t living with their child’s father.

Since the early 1990s, the share of out-of-wedlock, cohabiting births has grown from 11 percent to 24 percent, while those to noncohabiting, single mothers has remained steady at 16 percent.

Sometimes referred to as the “poor person’s marriage,” cohabitation is growing fastest among high school graduates with children. Between the 1997-2001 and 2002-2009 periods, it grew from 23 percent to 32 percent, according to Sheela Kennedy, a researcher at the University of Minnesota. For mothers with some college attendance, it grew from 15 percent to 23 percent during that period. Among those with four-year college degrees, the share has changed from 3 percent to 5 percent.

Daniel Lichter, a Cornell sociologist and past president of the Population Association of America, said the government needs to do more to reflect increasing cohabitation in statistics. Cohabitation status is not on birth certificates, and that can skew policy debates over the government safety net for poor households. It also means a growing trend of fragile families in which cohabitating parents may be more likely to break up can be neglected, he said.

Researchers at Harvard and Cornell have found that about half of mothers who were cohabiting when their child was born were still in relationships with the biological father five years later.

“The latest results seem to indicate that marriage, as a context for childbearing and childrearing,” Lichter said, “is increasingly reserved for America’s middle- and upper-class populations.”

— Associated Press

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Link: Healthy Relationships Utah

Link: Healthy Relationships Utah

Posted on: 5:06 pm, January 7, 2014, by David Wells

Link: Healthy Relationships Utah

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Chicago Relationships Examiner

Originally the idea of taking on a relationship column seemed odd for someone who had zero interest in children and was pretty indifferent about marriage. However, Shamontiel was hired to write several wedding planning articles. After doing so, her in...

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