Cheap date night ideas for lovebirds on a budget

Dating can be an expensive business, especially in the early days when you’re both eager to impress.

Even for long time lovebirds, the financial cost of date night can quickly extinguish your enthusiasm.

Fortunately, and perhaps contrary to popular opinion, the cost of a date doesn’t determine it’s quality. Aside from saving money, many of the best dates are borne out of creativity rather than price.

Here are some date ideas that can be romantic and thrifty.

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Explore local markets and festivals

Some quick online research will reveal any upcoming markets, festivals or other free events in your area. Getting out and about is a savvy move for early stage dates, as the constant stimulus will distract from your nerves and keep the conversation flowing.

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Arrange a picnic

If you’re aiming to impress, you might want to spring for some gourmet goodies here. But it still beats an expensive restaurant dinner, which can be a stuffy setting. You also get to BYO drinks which means it’s always happy hour. The bonus is that picnics are equally suited to daytime or evening, weather permitting of course. If you can nail the location, you’re definitely onto a winner.

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Exchange your skills

The basic premise here is fostering a sense of reciprocity. Share a passion of yours with your date. Teach one another to cook a meal, surf or draw, whatever your specialty happens to be. It can be a fun way to learn more about each other and provides the opportunity to see one another in your respective elements. Find out how to turn your hobby into a cash cow.

Cheap Tuesdays

If you like eating out but are trying to keep a lid on your spending, find a happy medium and do a little bit of research to find out where has a good deal or themed night on. Most pubs have some good food bargains on throughout the week and cinemas often have discounted tickets on ‘cheap Tuesday’. This means you get out and about without the hefty price tag. Consider taking your date to a pub quiz, with free entry and prizes up for grabs.

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These are just a few of the creative and original ways to enjoy a special date with your partner, without breaking the purse strings. There are plenty of other romantic options out there, so get creative and don’t be limited by tradition.

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