Guys’ guide to date ideas in London: Coal Vaults

Guys' guide to London date venues: Coal Vaults

You’re a guy in London. You’ve somehow managed to wangle yourself a date, but you’ve discovered Nando’s is no longer an acceptable date venue – what do you do? Try taking her for cocktails and light bites at Coal Vaults.

For the modern gent, there are a variety of things you must consider when selecting the perfect date venue.

One of the factors being what type of occasion you’re trying to nail.

Typically, a couple celebrating an anniversary will be looking for something a little different than a pair on their first date, yet frustratingly, these are the hardest (and most crucial) to get right.

So allow me give you a helping hand.

For the all-important first date, there are few places I could recommend higher than Soho basement bar Coal Vaults.

Coal Vaults

Situated on the bustling and uber-competitive Wardour Street, the easily missable Coal Vaults front door will lead you down to an intimate setting featuring all the classic Soho bar traits.

Copper, timber, steel, raised tables, exposed brickwork – it’s got the lot..but this is by no means a bad thing.

The look is very on-trend and will automatically give you and your date the sense that you’re in for a stylish, yet relaxed evening where you can really get to know each other.

Once you’re both comfortably perched on your stools, you can tuck into the wonderfully created seasonal sharing plates, with expertly made homemade cocktail infusions to compliment each dish.

Devilled (read: spicy) popcorn, monkfish cheeks, potted crab and pulled rabbit light up the ever-changing menu, and prices range from a very moderate £4-9 per plate.

You have to have some food cross your table to satisfy licensing laws, and four to five plates will comfortably fill a party of two – but don’t forget, you’ve got some cocktails to get through!

Like the food, the cocktail selection (also £9ish) changes by season, although they do keep the house favourites around so it’s worth asking what’s hot.

And if by the end of the night you’re still unsure whether you’ve had a satisfactory evening, a trip to the penny-covered ladies loo, or the gents’ steel orb urinals should definitely sway the balance.

Click here for more information about Coal Vaults

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