‘Teen Wolf’s’ Dylan O’Brien talks about Scott and Stiles’ friendship

All the strongest relationships are tested, and Teen Wolf‘s Scott and Stiles are no different. Find out what Dylan O’Brien has to say about their friendship in season 3.

Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) sat down with Collider to talk about Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner, the latter of which you can read about in our previous article.

Of particular note from the part of the interview concerning Teen Wolf is when O’Brien is asked if Agent McCall and Sheriff Stilinski’s tension will cause a rift between the two best friends.

“No,” O’Brien is quick to say. “It’s always cool between them. Nothing can damage that. We don’t even think about toying with that, even for a storyline. It’s just so wrong for the characters and for the show.”

Fans will certainly be glad to hear that! One of the best and strongest relationships on Teen Wolf is between these two characters, and seeing them fight would certainly break a lot of hearts. And it sounds as if O’Brien agrees! “They’re such brothers,” he continues. “They always have each other’s back. It doesn’t f****** matter what’s happening. They can never lose that.”

However, we have heard there will be some tension between the two this season, though that was also expected in the previous half of season 3, and not much came of it. “I don’t think Scott and Stiles can ever truly be in a fight,” O’Brien explains. “In Season 1, we fought for two minutes. There was one scene where I was mad at him, and then I was just back in it because I want to know what’s going on.”

That’s great to know, especially since there seems to be a lot going on this season and a lot of pressure on everyone’s shoulders. We have to wonder, though, if the tension between Isaac and Stiles will come to a head, and if it does, whose side (if any) will Scott choose?

The interview continues with more of O’Brien’s thoughts on where his character will be heading this season, as well as his relationship with his dad. Make sure to read the rest of it!

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