The Going Out Guide

I have to say I always find something I want a full glass of at Bluejacket, and I usually start with a flight of all the new beers that have been added since my last visit. The “standard” beers are interesting enough for people who just want an IPA, or a lager, or a Belgian ale, though there have definitely been times when a 4-ounce pour of a beer was enough for me.

I haven’t had dinner at the Arsenal, so I can’t really comment on Tom’s review of it. I will say I’m not as big on the barleywine as he is (different strokes), and I haven’t had a cask I’d describe as “balmy” instead of “cool.” (Case in point: The barleywine should be served at 54 degrees, 1 degree below the cask’s prescribed temperature.) I wonder if his cask ale was sitting around at the bar, waiting to be carried to the table.

As for service, I stick to the bar. I find it’s much faster to just go through bartenders, unless you go Sunday-Tuesday. Otherwise, you may, as I did, find yourself waiting 20 minutes for a beer, even if you’ve got a table. (That’s not counting the time between finishing one glass and finally ordering another.)

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