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Jim Sturgess and Bae Doona

K-drama actress Bae Doona and British actor Jim Sturgess met on the set of the 2012 film “Cloud Atlas.” In that film they each played multiple roles. Their characters had different ways of relating to each other and in one combination they played a married couple, Tilda and Adam Ewing.

In an interview about the film, Bae Doona confessed that the film caused her to think more about reincarnation and the nature of relationships. But her new interest in relationships may also have been inspired by her growing affection for Jim Sturgess.

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Their mutual affection was obvious when they visited Seoul for the film’s premiere but the couple refused to answer dating questions.

Since then, the actors have been seen together on a few occasions. Last winter they were snapped walking along a beach in California. Last week they were seen at a Seoul bakery during the Lunar New Year holiday. They’ve been photographed linking arms but they insist they are just friends.

When asked if they were dating, Bae Doona said she did not feel she had to make an official statement about their relationship.

“It’s not something related to my job like attending a movie press conference,” she said. “I think people are taking interest because it’s a fun combination and people are curious, but I still feel a bit burdened. I would be thankful if people were not so interested.”

One of Jim Sturgess’ friends referred to Bae Doona as the actor’s girlfriend when he posted a picture of the couple on his online social media account.

The caption read “one of the nicest, most genuine actors I’ve ever met, Mr. Jim Sturgess and his lovely girlfriend Doona Bae.”

Bae Doona’s former agency, HMG Entertainment, has also insisted that they know nothing about the relationship.

The actress has appeared in over a dozen dramas, including “How To Meet The Perfect Neighbor,” Master of Study,” and “Gloria.”

Bae Doona became an international star thanks to her role in Bong Joon Ho’s film “The Host,” which was the highest grossing film in Korean box office history. After appearing in “Cloud Atlas,” she had a role in the science fiction film “Jupiter Ascending.” She has also been cast in the Korean film “Dohee-ya.” In that film she plays a small town police officer that becomes concerned about a case of domestic violence.

Bae Doona could be in Korea to prepare for her film but that does not explain why Jim Sturgess came with her. Is it possible he came to meet her parents?



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