Dating questions? Ask the Setup Squad!

Maybe you love dating, but never seem to find the right guy.

Or you hate dating, because you’ve had a string of one-night-stands that never seem to work out.

Or you’re new to the gay scene and not sure how to meet people.

Or you’re straight, but like to hang out in gay bars – and how will you ever find someone just like your best gay friend?

My friends, we here at 365 have folks who will provide all the answers: our newest dating Experts, the Setup Squad.

Meredith, Jon and Lauretta are professional wingmen in New York – they go along with bumbling folks on dates and help them learn how to do it right. They’re also starring in Logo’s new reality series Setup Squad, which premieres in April (365gay is owned by Logo).

I saw the pilot and loved, loved, loved them. I’m partnered now, but boy – I sure could have used their help back when I was dating! (For example, there was the time when….oh, never mind).

Meredith, Jon and Lauretta have graciously agreed to answer your dating questions – and we’ll run the answers for 6 weeks, beginnng April 18.

Their bios are below, so that you can learn a bit more about them. Please reTweet/Facebook/email this around – we want your (gay and straight) friends to have a chance to ask, too!

Ask your questions in the comments below or by clicking on Ask the Expert. You can address your question to a particular Expert, if you like, or leave it up to us.

Who are our Setup Squad Dating Experts?


Jonathan’s electric personality and quick wit help him connect with clients from all walks of life and allow him to dish out hard truths while still remaining thoroughly charming. A true southern boy who loves sweet tea and sandals all year long, Jonathan attended University of Florida, where he studied musical theatre and history. There’s nothing he loves more than soaking-in all that NYC has to offer, from the incredible museums to the unbeatable gay nightlife to playtime in Central Park with his French Bulldog, Potato.


Lauretta Nkwocha is a British-Nigerian native who fell in love with New York City during a New Year’s trip and returned to make it her home. A seasoned socializer, Lauretta knows how to tear up the town.  She was Renee’ first recruit at Wings, Inc, where she has helped countless clients find success in love. Lauretta makes friends wherever she goes, though she’s not afraid to make enemies, too. Lauretta’s huge personality is matched by her singing voice, and she’s married to her bandleader, Michael Hart. Together they have a young daughter named Sophie.


Since Meredith won most inquisitive in 3rd grade, she’s always gotten to the bottom of what’s on people’s mind, and clients are no exception. She never holds back on her opinion and constantly strives for success. When Meredith sets her sights on something, she won’t stop until she has achieved it.  She currently juggles a busy work load, glamorous social life and a long-distance relationship with a gorgeous woman named Randi, who lives in Los Angeles.

Ask your questions now!!

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