Few Dating Questions To Ask On A Date!

‘Dating’…. It is indeed not an easy task for both the people involved! A friend of mine recalls her first date as a nightmare, this is because she sat in front of the man she found drop dead gorgeous and couldn’t utter a word to him! She lacked self confidence and thus brought the date to a silent halt.

So here below are some dating tips which will indeed help you and your partner to get along. These are some dating questions you should keep in mind the next time you set out on a date.

1.The first dating tip is to ask her about her hobbies. The question could be, ‘ Do you like cats/dogs?, What do you do in your spare time?, Who is your favorite author and why?’

2.If your date seems to be creative, you can opt for creative dating questions on your first date. It could be, ‘ If you got up one day with a special power, what would you do?, If you met a genie what are the three wishes you will ask for?’

3.Another dating tip on your first date with dating questions could be to ask your date,’What are you looking for in a relationship?, Do you believe in love at first sight?, What do you dislike in dating/ relationship

4.Dating questions on your first date could really scary at times for you might never know what kind of questions or answer you will expect. To set a comfortable zone, you can ask your date,’Tell me something about your parents?, Who do you resemble, mum or dad? ‘

5.If you want to get more personal with your date in relation to dating questions, you can ask,’Describe your perfect holiday?, If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?, What is your most treasured possession?’

One dating tip to keep in mind is to not force the dating questions at one stretch as it could get mind boggling!

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