10 Places to Meet Men and Women, Day & Night – AND How to Break the Ice!

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Finally, a short book that guides both Men AND Women on how to meet each other AND provides examples on how to break the ice. Not simply a guide of pickup routines for ‘day game’ or ‘night game,’ this booklet will give you real-life,easy-to-relate examples of how you can meet someone that you want to get involved with (dating, relationship, love, marriage, sex – it’s all up to you two) ANYWHERE.

Included are examples of how to meet someone in each of the below locations:

The Grocery Store

The Coffee Shop

The Streets

The Club

The Mall

The Gas Station

The Friend of a Friend

The Business Contact

The Driver Next to You

The Lunch Spot at Work

You will also get a breakdown of what to say to break the ice, the psychology behind it, supporting material to have it all hit home and more! Stop delaying and start meeting people in your everyday life that you are letting slip through your fingertips. For anyone that is not in a happy relationship right now, or for anyone that just wants to get some perspective on the subject, you owe it to yourself to download this booklet now for less than the price of your gourmet coffee. Stop stalling and start living.

(Note – this book is optimized for Kindle devices. Although iPads/iPhones will work as well, Kindle devices are optimal).


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