100 Questions to Ask Before You Marry: Christian Edition

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Product Description

This book includes 100 discussion questions (some of which are clusters of questions) written for significant others contemplating marriage. Many questions are specifically geared towards couples who plan on having children.

Below is a sample of the first 10 questions:

1. What steps can we take to ensure that infidelity does not happen in our marriage?

2. What does it mean to be selfish? When, if ever, is it acceptable to be selfish?

3. How does our gender affect our roles in marriage?

4. What is something you did not know about me when we first started dating?

5. If we marry, how much and/or when do you plan on visiting your family? What about my family?

6. How many children will we have?

7. If we decided on X number of children and one of us were to want a different number during the marriage, how would we resolve the issue?

8. Will we move during our marriage? How far would be the farthest that we would move? How would we come to the decision of moving? Does it have to be something we both agree on? If one of us is the breadwinner, does he/she have more influence in the move?

9. Who does the money belong to? If there is a breadwinner, will he/she control what happens to the money?

10. How will we make big decisions in our family? Together as partners, or will one person have veto power?