25 Examples of conflict and love and 111 questions to nip in the bud


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Love can be so wonderful and so confusing. You can think you’re doing everything right but it can turn out so wrong. One month you’re on the upside the next week on the downside. But what makes it worth it is the in between. I’d rather have 30 days of happiness and 10 days of so so ness, than 40 days of lonliness. So why do we get married? We get married to fulfill that emptiness, that longing for completion, satisfaction, longing for gratification. That morning kiss, holding holds, the walks in the park, the love and the connection. Why be lonely when you can share adoration? This book explores different examples of situations, some with regret, sadness, pain, some with happiness, love and gain. Join me as I explore 25 examples of conflict and love.