6 Inches Away From Any Man’s Heart – Essential Dating Advice For Women

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The dating arena has definitely changed in the last 20 years, and Amazon best selling author Raymond Hilson, gets you up to date with today’s rules and concepts.

One such concept is that almost any man can get attracted by you, if you play your cards right. Hence the “6 Inches Away From Any Man’s Heart” part.

Apparently nowadays we tend to learn as much as possible about the person we want to first meet than ever before. We have the means to do so really easily as well.

In this to the point eBook you will get deep truths and a lot of usable, practical advice.

A few common myths will be debunked, things like:

– Dating is too difficult

– Dating will take up all my time

– Dating is about making myself attractive to guys

– Dating is too much hassle

While, these are only a few myths that probably kept you single for a while now.

Once you get over them, you will get full-proof golden rules to create steady, successful and rewarding relationships.

No need to worry about weather he likes you or not, or what you’re doing wrong.

You’ll know all these things and more, you will attract men like the colorful flowers instantly attract bees.

And a LOT more.

Don’t wait any longer, get your copy today!


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