Adonis On the Go (A Guidebook to Becoming Irresistible)

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“Don’t hate the player…LEARN the game.”

What are women really thinking? What is her body language telling you despite the words coming out of her mouth? How do you guarantee she’s satisfied in the bedroom? Why are some men lucky in love, while others are not? Wonder no more gentlemen, we’ve got you covered! We’ve provided the answers to all of these questions, and more! Here are 365 daily tips to ensure that you become the kind of man that women can’t resist and other men want to emulate.


* Invest in a disposable razor or electric shaver, and trim yourself down there. After all, we are not members of the Wonggaranda tribe of Central Australia, and don’t enjoy hanging out in the bush. We promise to do the same.

* Although it is at times fun to let the date spontaneously unfold, it is very impressive for a man to plan an evening. Pick her up, greet her at the door with fresh flowers, make dinner reservations, or reserve a special lane at the bowling alley. Knowing that you thought about the date beforehand and made preparations will make her feel special.

* Women are like monkeys, they travel through life swinging from vine to vine. Remember that she will not completely release her grip on one vine, until she has a firm hold on the next. With that being said, if you feel her letting go, chances are there’s already another man waiting in the wings.


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