Banging Your Way Across Craigslist How to Pick-up, Flirt, Seduce, and Sleep with Women on Craigslist

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Do you want to know the real secret to getting laid by a different woman every night?

The problem most guys have hooking up on Craigslist is they let their dick get in the way of their commonsense.

Guys, I hate to tell you but women are just like you. They want to see a face or body pic. It’s their natural defense action at work. They want to make sure you’re not super fat, or a one eyed Cyclops, or some sort of psycho killer type.

Most women aren’t going to respond to your ad if it’s titled “Let’s fuck!” “Suck on this.” Or “I’ve got a really big package waiting for you!”

Women are looking for something a little different. Sure most of them want it as bad as you do, but they don’t like to think of themselves as sluts. They want to have a great date, and just sort of have the sex follow naturally if it’s meant to happen.

Women are looking for a little finesse, and a little romancing. Women want the boyfriend experience even if you both know it’s just for one night.

So what’s a guy to do?

That’s what this book is all about.

First, we’re going to take a look at the ads most guys post on Craigslist and examine what the hell’s wrong with them.

Second, we’re going to look at the ads women post on Craigslist and try to figure out what they want.

Finally, we’re going to put together a strategy, and develop some sample ads that will help you get what you want as well as help the women who respond to your ads get what they want.

Holidays are a great time to inject some humor into your message. The ads you write should be fun to read and loaded with off the wall humor. You’re going to get some really great responses. I find the crazier my ad is the more insane the responses I’ll get. They generate a lot of quick one-liners where you can just play around, get comfortable, and easily move into exchanging more intimate details as the conversation moves along.

You can use these sample ads, adapt them to something that reflects your personality, or come up with something totally unique.

The Big day is over and Santa’s feeling a little lonely.

The presents have all been delivered. The sleigh has been parked; the reindeer unhitched; and the elves are all off for a good days rest. When I walked into the house what should I find but a letter from Mrs. Claus. She ran off with an elf; it seems her Christmas wish was one wild fling. Now Santa’s feeling a little lonely, and is looking for his own little elf.

No need to say much about my looks. You all know about my big belly full of jelly. A word of warning though, I always wear red, right down to my skivvies; so if that color sets you off you better move on.

I’ve got some personality quirks you may find disturbing. I’m always dishing out presents; the elves keep bursting into the house at all hours with ideas for the latest, greatest toys ever; and the reindeers. Some of the things they do in the house. Well, you can smell it for days. Rudolph’s getting on in years and you’ll often find him wearing a low hanging diaper. Mrs. Claus used to care for that, hopefully you’re somewhat good with pins and diaper cloth?

If I haven’t discouraged you yet, and you can make it through this cold snowy night, are there any ladies up to the task of making this old fellow jolly.

And though I’ve said it many times – Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa’s not about to pay, so if that’s your deal just so you know you’ll make the naughty list right quick should you try.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Weather can be another great conversation starter for your Craigslist ad. Everybody bitches about the weather.

Try this one on for size.

Brrr! It’s fucking cold out there…

I’m tired of this freaking cold, any ladies out there up to braving the cold. Maybe you could stop over and help me warm things up.

Don’t wait too long though, or I may have to give myself a hand.


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