Christian Dating Is A Joke: Secrets Nobody Ever Told You About The American Dating System

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Are you having trouble in your dating relationships? Do you have a life-destroying, pattern of choosing the wrong partner? Are you tired of what doesn’t work and ready to discover what does? Are you ready for the true love that God has for you? If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, the Word of God is final authority in your life, then this book is for you. CHRISTIAN DATING IS A JOKE is a bold, no-nonsense, thought-provoking handbook that will clearly outline the warning and explain the dangers that all Christian singles, who choose to ignore God’s plan for successful mate selection, will encounter. This book takes its readers on an introspective journey of self-discovery whereby the author asks her readers to think differently about our American style and system of dating and its impact on every love relationship you have ever had. She suggests that if you . . . CHANGE THE WAY YOU DATE, YOU CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR GOOD. CHRISTIAN DATING IS A JOKE is an eye-opening, step-by-step guide, whereby you will . . . •Learn what is wrong with our contemporary styles of dating •Uncover the truth about the American dating system •Discover how wrong dating can ruin your entire life •Be reminded of what God’s Word has to say about dating •Discover the 7 Dangers of Dating all Christian single MUST avoid Sandra Shipp is an exciting and informative author who is passionate about her assignment from God to help young, urban Christian women navigate through life to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls she encountered over the years. Published with the assistance of BePublished.Org, CHRISTIAN DATING IS A JOKE: “Secrets Nobody Ever Told You About The American Dating System” by Sandra J. Shipp is an easy-to-read work that is ideal for Christians and others seeking to be happily single or wanting to best represent a lifestyle of holiness while building a love that leads to marriage.