Couple’s Love Quiz Book: How Well Do You Know Each Other? (Soulful Journals)

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Product Description

Our Couple’s Love Quiz Book is a perfect gift for any couple who wants to get to dig deeper and get to know their partner better in a fun way!

It is filled with questions designed to bring couples closer together – it ranges from easier questions like their favorite food to more serious topics that require a bit of reflection. It makes a great wedding or anniversary gift!

It is divided into three parts:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Fill in the Blank
Part 3:

Want to have extra fun and keep score? We give you a points system, too!

There are 145 questions – just imagine how well you’ll know each other after you answer them all!

This is a wonderfully fun way for new couples to start off their relationship in a positive way – for newly married couples to get their marriage off to a great start – or for couples who have been in love for awhile and just want to find new ways to express their love.

About the authors:
Dan Teck and Jodi Chapman have been
happily married since 2004.

They love spending their days writing Soulful Journals – gentle, fun reminders to go within and learn about ourselves.

They live in southern Oregon and share their home with their four fuzzy friends: Xena (a Norwegian Elkhound) and Biddle, Buncom, and Elsie (sweet kitties).