Crush The Competition: The Online Dating Plan For Men

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I used every tactic in this book to find my wife on I learned the art of online dating from two men who had mastered online dating. Each of these two men logged over 10K hours online dating. I took this knowledge and created this book: Crush The Competition. It is over 15,000 words of life changing help. I do not give you the history of online dating, who cares. Knowing that crap will not get you dates. There is no filler in this book. It is just the methodology that I was taught, and used to meet my wife.

Online dating is about being better than the competition. You do not date in a vacuum. You are competing against every other guy. This book is designed for you to crush the competition by using metrics and market research to see where you fit in.

This book is designed to get you a 30% response rate to your initial email. When I met my wife, I had a 60% response rate. This is not a magic bullet book. This is not some garbage where I tell you to put these seven words in your profile and you will get unlimited responses to your emails. No, this is a system that is tested, but it is work.

If you want to crush the competition and get the girl, you have to out work the other guy. You have to be smarter. I teach you how to spot women who have boyfriends, who simply want to have an ego boost in the form of your email.

I teach you how to write a profile that works and creates common ground between you and the dating pool. We crush the competition by writing emails that communicate how important we are, while making women feel special.

To crush the competition you have to be willing to be better than the competition. I will show you how to get a 30 percent response rate to your initial email.

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