Dating 101: Principles & Practice: How to know who to marry (Volume 1)

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Dating is the initial and critical first stage in the relationships leading to marriage. Dating is so important but so terribly misunderstood in this day and age. as people get involved with dating, they quickly discover that they are in the middle of big unfathomable sea and they are confused. Youth and young single adults coming into dating newly as well as older single adults including formerly married men and women have discovered to their chagrin that they have no idea how to make dating work for them. Dating 101: Principles and Practise is dedicated to charting the all important roadmap to this critical stage in in the relationships between the sexes. It explains the principles and the best practices to ensure that you can enjoy the dating stage of the relationship between the male and female gender and have the hope of your dating transiting smoothly into courtship and marriage. Readers would find Dating 101: Principles and Practice answering the questions that they have always asked about dating, such as “Where can I find who to date?” “How do i date appropriately?” “How do I date a guy to early marriage decision?” “How do I know that he or she is into me?” “How can i know he or she is my Mr. or Mrs. Right?” “How can I avoid premarital sex during dating?” “Why should i avoid premarital sex during dating and a lot more?”