Dating Advice: Dating Different Types of Women (Date Honcho’s Dating Advice)

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No matter how you slice it, dating is tough. Many men don’t know how to approach a woman, let alone know what they need to do to prepare themselves for dating many women and finding the right one for a successful relationship. The purpose of this guide is to apply what you’ve learned from the Foundational Improvement Guide and the Essential Knowledge & Tips Guide and apply those mindsets to interacting with different women. Inside, we offer techniques and ideas to starting relationships with women, and how to interact with certain types of women. Inside, you’ll learn:

– Why it really does pay to be the guy who loves more.
– Types of women that, generally, you should avoid dating.
– How dating a feminist is not as bad as many men might suspect.
– How to go about starting a “circle relationship,” and polyamory.
– How to pick-up a stripper, and how it’s different from most women.
– Why you should consider dating a cougar.
– How to create a friends-with-benefits relationship.
– How to make sure you are never flaked on again.
– How to craft an online profile that will grab the attention of women.
– And much more!

There’s nothing wrong with looking for ways to increase your success with women – and many women are thankful for men who don’t operate like douchey pick-up artists but know how to give them a good time. This book can help you with that. Note: There are internal links to click, so use of a device that allows for web searching will help!


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