Dating Advice For Men (Master Dating Guide)

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Dating Advice For Men contains 9 awesome techniques that will instantly improve your dating life. Some of these techniques are unconventional, even controversial. But If you are a shy guy who wants to know how to better attract women, then this is an excellent place to start.

Have you ever had one of these problems in your dating life?

– You’re too shy to talk to girls and even when a girl is giving you signs that she wants you to approach her, you don’t.

– You don’t know what to say to girls, so the conversation dies out.

– You can’t spark sexual attraction with girls, and they just see you as a friend. You may have even gotten the dreaded “let’s just be friends” talk.

– You think that now may be the time to kiss a girl, but you don’t, and you see that you’ve missed an opportunity that you know will not appear again.

– You want to get a girl’s phone number, but you don’t know what to say.

– You feel like there’s something about your personality that makes girls not want to be around you.

– You know that it’s important to physically escalate with girls, but it’s so hard to start touching her, and when you do, it’s usually pretty awkward.

– When you actually do have sex with a girl, you have a hard time getting her to orgasm.

In this ebook, I lay out nine techniques, some of them very unconventional and even controversial. Each one can be applied immediately, and will get you moving in the direction of more dates, more sex, and better relationships.

Don’t waste any more time, make this tiny investment and get Dating Advice For Men!


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