Dating Advice for Women: 7 Simple Steps to Create a Loving Relationship, Avoid Online Dating Disasters and Become Utterly Irresistible

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Smart Women are Irresistible – that’s for sure!

But how do you become irresistible and command the love and respect you deserve?

Surprisingly, most women already have the ability to create and nurture an incredible relationship; they simply do not know how to go about it.

Does that sound familiar? You are not alone. Every day people like you experience this problem. It’s an issue made worse by the daily grind, you get caught up in all sorts of things and forget that you too are important.

In her book Dating Advice for Women Volume 2, Helen Ashburn has put together a set of ‘simple to follow’ guidelines to help you command the love and respect you deserve and attain the qualities necessary to become irresistible, so much so that people will simply want to be with you.

The whole purpose of dating is to meet that certain someone with whom you have an affinity. Once you have found him, then it’s even more important to hone your interpersonal skills.

In Dating Advice for Women Volume 2, the author shows how to develop those skills that make you irresistible and even more desirable.

Some women feel uncomfortable when dating because they are:

• Embarrassed

• Worrying about what he thinks

• Feeling inadequate?

• Not feeling good about themselves?

• Too shy and unable to converse naturally with their date

The author describes the qualities that can help overcome these feelings and put a positive spin not only on your life but also in your dating so that you can;

• Feel good about yourself

• Begin to love who you really are

• Be the first to start the conversation

• Make him come to you

Just think how much more confident and relaxed you will feel when you have these qualities and apply them in your new found relationship?

Stop wasting time and money on other systems, become a smart women and change how others see you once and for all.

Utilize these 7 Simple Steps to finally;

• Create a loving relationship that lasts

• Avoid online dating disasters

• Become utterly irresistible

Remember: “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

(W Clement Stone)

With this in mind, always remember:

“Smart Women are Irresistible and Command Love, Respect and Commitment in Their Relationship”

(Helen Ashburn)

Pick up your copy today and put a positive spin on your life.


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