Dating for Women Boxed Set: Top Strategies for Meeting, Attracting,and Keeping Your Man

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Dating for Women
Breeze through any date you’d be having and have the time of your life!

If you find yourself getting into one date after another just because you can’t find Mr. Right, then you’re in for a treat. This book holds the answers to your burning questions and this will guide you to the right path. You may have heard a gazillion tips on dating, but you now hold the key to get you out of your bad situation.

What’s Inside?

Dating is a phase that all of us have to undergo. But for those women who need some help when it comes to dating, you’ll love the secrets that this set contains. Gone are the days where you’ll have to try your hardest to get a guy and fail. It also contains tips on how to be successful at online dating This set is all you need, and nothing more.

Book I: Dating Tips for Women – A Practical Guide to Snaring the Right Man

Chapter 1 – The World is Your Supermarket
Chapter 2 – Setting Up Camp
Chapter 3 – First Things First
Chapter 4 – Playing the Dating Game
Chapter 5 – Get the Ball Rolling
Chapter 6 – All Aboard the Dating Express
Chapter 7 – One Step Closer
Chapter 8 – Points to Remember
Chapter 9 – The Cherry On Top

Book II: How to Make A Man Fall in Love with You – Surefire Ways to Be Irresistible

Chapter 1 – Love at First Glance
Chapter 2 – Getting Mr. Right
Chapter 3 – Dropping the Bait
Chapter 4 – Testing the Waters
Chapter 5 – Less is More
Chapter 6 – Paving Your Way to His Heart
Chapter 7 – Reeling Him In
Chapter 8 – Anchoring Your Love
Chapter 9 – Hook, Line and Sinker
Book III: How to Find Love Online – The Perfect Dating System

Chapter 1 – The Era of Digital Dating
Chapter 2 – The It List of Online Dating
Chapter 3 – Your Profile and You
Chapter 4 – Picture Talks
Chapter 5 – Building Bridges, Making the Right Connections
Chapter 6 – Online Interaction and Beyond
Chapter 7 – Safety Rules at A Glance
Chapter 8 – Going Offline
Chapter 9 – Alternative Ways of Meeting People Online

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So if you want to learn the different secrets of dating, how to act on the first date, the different ways to get a man to come over to you and be a successful dater, you may want to grab this book and give yourself a treat. Do it now and be dating happily in no time. What are you waiting for? Grab your copy now!


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