Dating Icebreakers: 700 Relationship Questions

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Product Description

You’re on your way to learning everything about the special people in your life, and you’ll also learn things you never knew about yourself! This ebook will help you determine whether to pursue a new relationship, spice up an existing romance, or pop the question. It’s also a fantastic tool for planning a great conversation night between friends. You can answer all 700 questions in order, or pick and choose from your favorite categories.

Dating Icebreakers: 700 Relationship Questions is a great resource for:

Long Distance Relationships: Keep the communication flowing and the relationship hot during the time you are apart.

Taking the Next Step: Should we get engaged? Should we get married? Should we move in together? Should we even go on another date?

Online Dating: Find out if your “match” is the real deal. Email or text them a set of questions!

Engaged Couples: Perfect for couples who are planning a future together, including many of the same questions used in pre-marital classes, and so much more!

Fun for Friends: How well do you really know your friends? Do you need an activity for a bachelorette party or a girl’s night in?

ESL Students: Practice asking each other questions!