Dating Smart: 99 Questions To Ask Someone You Meet Online

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Product Description

Online dating has gone mainstream. It’s no longer difficult to meet people via the internet, but it can be difficult to figure out whether you might be compatible with someone offline.

So how do you decide whether it is worth putting time and energy into pursuing a relationship with an interesting possibility? And how do you give yourself the best chance of transforming online interest into offline dating and, eventually, into lasting love?

The answer isn’t complicated: You ask great questions and listen carefully to the answers that you get.

Written by a psychologist and online dating veteran who is now happily married to someone she met via email, this book gives you 99 of those great questions in five crucial categories. These questions will stimulate hours of fascinating conversation. They can help you figure out whether a new cyber-relationship might have real-world potential. They can also help you lay firm foundations for a successful long-term relationship.

Pick up this little book today. It will help you do more than just find someone online. It will help you find someone you’re truly compatible with.

Bonus Material

As a free bonus, this edition also includes 5 Fun Activities To Help Couples Get To Know One Another Better. These activities explore personal strengths, personality, conflict resolution, and humor.