Enlightened Relationships: A Spiritual Guide to Love and Romance

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“Each essay builds effortlessly to the next with grace to take the reader into the stratosphere with both feet planted firmly on the ground. He unfolds the reality that relationships connect us to ourselves, with each other and ultimately to the All. Highly recommended.” -Julia Busch

A Spiritual Approach to Love and Romance

Relationships are one of life’s greatest pleasures. They are also one of life’s greatest classrooms. While our hearts are filled with love and affection, our intimate relationships naturally provide us with tests and trials–sometimes on a daily basis–to help us grow more masterful in our spirituality.

In Enlightened Relationships you will discover:

  • An enlightened approach to attracting a healthy, nurturing relationship…
  • How to apply the “science of intention” to improve your relationships and your life…
  • Approaching relationships (and even heartbreak) as opportunities to develop your spiritual mastery and tap into an infinite reservoir of love…
  • What men and women really want in a relationship…
  • Where the desire for enlightenment begins and the soul urge directing your spiritual evolution…
  • A mystic practice to turn your lovemaking into a divine experience… and
  • The objective of “being in this world, but not of it.”

Whether or not you are dating, mate seeking, in a relationship or simply want to improve your life, the insights contained in his book will naturally help you to attract enlightened relationships.

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