Finding The Right Man For You: Dating Advice For Women

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Obviously not every woman “needs a man”, or wants one in her life, but I wrote “Finding The Right Man For You” to help women who do.

There are many dating advice books on the market. There are fewer just for women. “Finding The Right Man For You: Dating Advice For Women” has distinct advantages over many other dating advice books. But take a look — that’s for you to decide.

I believe that love knows no age bounds. The problem is that because women have setbacks, sometimes in the form of a divorce, bad relationships or a death, if they are over forty or fifty, some think that it is all over for them and that, “I’ll never meet anybody.” Other times, even younger women can have a hard time meeting men, and even if they can, have difficulty identifying who the right man is for them.

It’s very important to always believe that love is possible, no matter how old or young you are. Two stories from the book:
My father was married to my mother almost fifty years when she died. He married within a year at age 72 to a fine lady in our neighborhood. They enjoyed happiness for the next fifteen years until he died at 87. I was always happy that they both reached out for happiness and found it together. There is an important lesson in that. If you want something, you have to reach out and do what is necessary to get it, as long as it doesn’t hurt you or anyone else.

One of my pre-publication reviewers told me that a woman she knew remarried at ninety-two and shared four years of happiness with a man who lived in same the nursing home she lived in. She said, “Why should we be alone when we can be together with each other?” If people this age can find happiness, there is still plenty of hope for women who are far younger. I wrote my book to try to make the process of finding a good man more efficient and effective.

The balance of someone’s worthwhile life should never be determined by a death, divorce or previous bad relationships. That is a road to nowhere. It’s always important to dare to dream, then to act on it to make it happen. I believe that just about any woman who searches in a conscientious and consistent way can find a good man. That’s why I wrote the book 🙂

“Finding The Right Man For You” is not the typical dating advice book. It is caring, inspirational and respectful to women. It is meant to be helpful, so it’s also honest and direct. Women often talk to their girlfriends about dating and relationship matters, but rarely get a man’s perspective to help them. That’s another reason I wrote the book.

“Finding The Right Man For You” covers the usual dating and relationship topics, offering a wide variety of suggestions, but also addresses topics not well addressed, or addressed at all, in other dating advice books: dating after divorce or after the loss of a partner, dealing with hurt, sex and intimacy, dating with children and with work pressures, ways to know whether a woman has found the right man, protecting yourself against men who lie, dating safety, finding happiness— with or without a man, making a decision, and much more. A full Table of Contents appears on the “Finding The Right Man For You” page on

Over a dozen women added their pre-publication insights, experiences and suggestions, many of which I have included in the book. It helped me improve the final product greatly. Let it help you or somone else you know who could use it.


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