Flirting Like Wildfire: 50 Hot “Done For You” Conversations That Lead To Sex (Dating And Relationship Advice For Men)

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“Your Roadmap To The Bedroom…She’ll LOVE Coming Along For The Ride.”

This is one of the most controversial books for men in YEARS. Honestly, it flat-out POLARIZES readers (read the reviews).

Some say what’s in it will never work. Some doubt it even needed to be written at all.

But OTHERS say it revolutionized their sex lives…forever.

Is it for you? Read on and decide for yourself…

Picture this… You’ve met a sexy woman who knocks your socks off. She’s obviously attracted to you, and the next thing you know the two of you are making out. The heat is ON when suddenly she stops, puts her hands on your chest and says:

“I don’t think we know each other well enough yet.”


“Should we be doing this?”

How would you respond to that? What would you SAY?

My name is Scot McKay and I’m no pickup artist, just a well-known dating expert who’s helped tens of thousands of average guys achieve greatness with women in over 150 countries. Maybe you’ve heard my podcast “The Chick Whisperer”.

I’m constantly asked what to say to a woman when it starts getting hot and heavy. What will smoothly and effectively move things from holding hands or kissing to something more physical?

That’s a GOOD question. After all, what guy hasn’t ever messed this one up BIG TIME?

It’s almost as if we’re sometimes our own worst enemy–inadvertently talking women OUT of the bedroom when the chips are down. Ouch…

Yet, here’s the weird part: There’s NEVER been a simple, practical solution for solving this MASSIVE problem.

That’s all going to change RIGHT NOW.

How To Flirt In A Way That Ramps Up Sexual Tension…Every Time

In this fast-paced, fluff-free book I reveal a whopping 50 conversations that spark a woman’s intense desire—each of which invariably leads to the bedroom.

Best of all, they’re DONE FOR YOU. You’ll never again get tongue-tied in the heat of the moment.

Since I’m giving you SO many step-by-step examples you’ll easily recognize when a woman’s getting hot for you from now on…and act on it like a man.

It doesn’t matter if she’s serious or playful, or whether you’ve known her 2 days or 30 years. Almost every scenario you can think of is covered.

It’ll be as if you’re a Hollywood leading man, having all the right words with the perfect timing to match. She’ll be irresistibly drawn to you as if you’ve flipped the switch on a powerful tractor beam.

Just to make sure there’s zero margin for error, I’ve broken down the 50 examples in the book into 4 categories.

First, I’ll equip you with ways to lead a conversation that’ll fire up her sexual attraction for you—including word-for-word phrases you can use ANY time sexual tension is building.

Next, I’ll give you responses for every classic “zinger” a woman might drop first. You may have heard these and were at a total loss for words. From now on you’ll have a lightning-quick response.

There’s also a section with amazing ways to handle playful “objections” (or serious ones) a woman might come up with.

And the cherry on top? I’ll give you extra-hot, ready-made conversations guaranteed to bring out a woman’s naughty side. She’ll practically beg your inner “bad boy” to come and play.

Some of my examples will make you gasp. Others may cause you to laugh out loud in sweet anticipation. But putting every one of them to good use is DEAD SIMPLE. The conversations are DONE FOR YOU, even to the point of predicting the exact words SHE’LL use. How can I do THAT? No worries…I’ve revealed that secret inside, too.

As a bonus, I’ll show you what to do after the perfect words have been said…right when you’ve succeeded at sending her into orbit with sexual excitement. You won’t have to worry about messing that part up either.

It’s all included in this light, entertaining book that’s a quick, easy read. Plus, I’ve even included 10 premium audio programs at no extra charge.


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