For Her Eyes Only

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Are women insane? Are they really gluttons for punishment? Often left picking up their panties rather than the person they hoped to build a lifetime with, women continuously miss the obvious problem in dating … and according to Shaun Upshaw, it’s NOT men (at least not men alone).

Driven by a guilty conscience, tormented by broken hearts left in his path and a concern for his daughter’s future, Upshaw seeks to balance the dating game by injecting a dose of common sense. He feels it’s the least he can do to repair the damage of the deadly dating schemes practiced by most men.

In a very candid, clear fashion, Shaun brilliantly explains the pitfalls and problems of dating while offering some rules of engagement. This book will cause you to experience a varied array of emotions. You will feel angry, appalled, astonished, broken, used, and down right dumb. So why read this book? Great question…

You will be enlightened and informed. Forced to the crossroad of decisions, you will have to look yourself in the mirror and answer some self-evaluating questions. To date or not to date… If your answer is ‘to date’… you NEED this book.


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