From Ex to Next!: An Empowered Woman’s Guide to Dating after Breakup or Divorce

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“I’m newly single after 5 years and am TERRIFIED at the thought of dating again! My heart is broken, my confidence is shattered, I feel bitter, and I don’t know if I can ever trust men again. But I know it is time to get back out there, I am lonely, and I know that there are good men out there. I honestly never dreamed I would be back on the dating scene again and don’t have a clue where to start. Help!” – Jane Doe Getting back into the dating world is a pretty tall order after being out of it for years. Things have changed! Your feelings have changed, your needs have changed. Suddenly you are back out there after you felt secure that you would never have to deal with dating again! But here you are, back in the game, back in the dating world without a clue. Enter Kim and Mike! We are here to launch you back into the dating world with confidence and direction! We are both dating gurus that are here to guide you in your journey to find the perfect man!