Getting to Know You – Questions to help Prepare for Marriage (Improving Your Relationship Series)

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Product Description

This book is good to recommend for those who are beginning to get serious in their relationship and preparing for marriage. The clearer they can think in how to get to know the other the better equipped they will be to make a wise choices in the future. Date with the purpose of learning how to identify qualities for a lasting relationship.

This book is designed to direct your thinking process for getting to know that special person. Do you really know the person that you are thinking of marrying? Do you know the kind of tough questions you need to ask?

This book has over 300 questions to assist you in your quest to gain understanding of that person who may become your life partner in marriage.

This book is made up of comments, observations and questions to guide you in your process of thinking realistically as you seek to get to know another person.

This book asks both the easy and difficult questions that help you reveal yourself to that special person and get to know them.

This book is not only important for those not yet married but can be valuable for those who are married.

This book is a wealth of common sense questions that can help you avoid conflict in the years ahead.

This book offers several practical and informative helps in the supplemental section for those who are getting married.