Heart Mended With Super Glue


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When you are up against a bad relationship, you most often ask why? Why is this happening to me? Why is he/she treating me this way? You often do not realize that the world is full of others, facing similar situations and problems and asking the same question themselves…why?

This book looks into what constitutes an unhealthy relationship, how to get over and move on from one, how to find a healthy relationship and keep it.

The author focuses on what she identifies and describes as the concept of ‘Boundaries’. She claims that if you understand boundaries, then you can understand how to build a compatible and friction free relationship.

‘Heart Mended With Super Glue’ looks into issues that constitute trespassing of boundaries, what happens when they break and gives an useful 20-day relationship recovery diet to help you get over a harmful relationship and get into a healthy one.

‘Heart Mended With Super Glue’ is the tenth book by this popular Sri-Lankan author. It is a stunning, touching, objective and funny concoction for relationship success. Blending in the east and the west, the book is a unique recipe, producing a highly palatable dish for all to enjoy.