How I Kissed Heartbreak Goodbye: Tips to find true love and escape the heartbreak cafe

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Will I ever find love?
When Will i find love?

Do you know that you can be among people who are finding true love without risking a single heartbreak? Yes! you can tell that a relationship is not going to work right before you step in! This book teaches you to read signs of true love and signs of heartbreak love before you have even stepped in at all!
To be honest, there are signs of true love. If we fail to recognise those signs, we end up taking true love for granted. We live a loveless life even though we maybe in the arms of those who truly love us.

The Best Chapters for You
• Nine signs of Heartbreak Love. How to tell before you even step in
that in some relationships you do not even have to try, because it is
not going to work.
• Six qualities that make a male a man. To be a male is not the same
as being a man. Love is for man. Being a man also means the ability to
sustain love.
• Ten qualities that make a good woman good. Normally we talk about
good women, but “good” is a vague term. What does good mean? This book
gives ten qualities that make good women.

Other important chapters in the book advise on
• Five problems that attack people who are alone
• The big five considerations that help you choose right
And many other concepts that help a person find the right love, find
the right person and be the right person.

What to expect
Relationship advice and dating advice both for old and young love on:
How to get a girlfriend
How to fall in love right from the first time
How to get a boyfriend
love and sex, what’s all about it?