How Men Think: Read His Mind & Unlock the Secrets to His Heart (How to understand men and get a boyfriend)

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Do men frustrate and utterly confuse you with all the strange things they say and do?

Are you sick of being disrespected or simply ignored by the guys you’re most interested in?

And does it seem almost impossible to get what you most want from them in terms of being loved and cherished the way you deserve to be?

If so, I am about to reveal to you everything you need to know to understand men better than they actually understand themselves.

Furthermore, I’m going to show you how to use this knowledge to your advantage in attracting the man of your dreams into your life, making him desperate to commit to you in the shortest possible time, and keeping him happy over the long term so that he’d be a complete fool to ever leave you for another woman.

In “How Men Think” I answer over 30 of the most burning questions that women have about men, including the following:

• How does he really feel about me?

• Why won’t he commit?

• What do men find attractive in a woman?

• Why do men lie to women?

• Why do men pull away?

• Why do men play games with women?

• Why are men so obsessed with sex?

• Why do men cheat?

• Does he find me sexually attractive?

• Why do men not call back when they say they will?

• Why do men go for “bitches” rather than “nice girls”?

I answer all these questions in the most straightforward, complete and no B.S. ways that I possibly can with detailed solutions to all the problems that arise.

Be prepared to be shocked by some of the things I’m about to share. I am not going to spare the egos of anyone involved: either men, women, you or myself.

What I’m going to do is break the guys’ code of silence about their attitudes to women, dating and relationships and disclose to you secrets that many men would be very annoyed about me sharing for reasons that’ll quickly become clear.

This goes far beyond the locker room discussions about who’s hot and who’s not (and why). I am going to reveal to you the deepest and darkest secrets of men (including their secret fears) – those that they don’t even talk about with other guys and some that they’re usually not even consciously aware of themselves.

You are about to gain insights not only into how men think, but also why they actually think these ways – including their key psychological drivers and how these drivers tie into their relationship needs and preferences for women.

This will enable you to (almost) read a man’s mind and know what he’s thinking and feeling at key moments in your interactions with him.

The result is that you’ll know the “right” things to say and do at each of these key moments so that you get the outcome you want with him, far more often than not.

No longer will you have to put up with constantly being lied to, game playing, and being cheated on behind your back. These annoying habits of men will be a thing of the past for you with what you’re about to discover.

Neither will you need to endure being used for sex, having guys pull away from you suddenly for no apparent reason, or feeling insecure in a relationship not knowing how a guy really feels about you.

Furthermore, being strung along for years by a guy who is afraid of commitment should no longer be an issue for you. And being passed over completely by the sort of men you’re most attracted to simply isn’t going to happen anymore if you apply the lessons I’m about to teach you.

For you are going to discover the secrets to a man’s heart that absolutely compel him to pursue you, woo you, and quickly ask for your hand in marriage. You WILL BE loved and adored by the man of your dreams the way you deserve to be.

All you need to do right now is click on the “Buy Now” button (above) to embark on your journey toward this reality today.

Don’t waste another day hoping for everything to magically fall into place for you. Take action now to ensure your relationship success and leave all your frustration behind.


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