How to Attract Men

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How to Attract Men reveals ways of attracting men with flirty girl tricks and controlling the game afterwards. This book is a guideline for flirting with a man once you find an eligible one; how to read his body language to evaluate your situation and decide whether to go on or end it; how to keep your boyfriend interested and spice up your relationship; and understanding men with commitment issues in case you are unlucky to meet one. This book is divided into 5 chapters as follow:

Chapter I – Women Men Adore: Tips and Tricks of Flirting with Men
– The Art of Attracting a Man: How to Make Every Man Want You
– How to Keep a Man Interested: Good Conversation Topics with a Guy

Chapter II – Reading Body Language of Men
-Body Language of Men Interested
-Body Language of Men in Love
-Signs He is not Into You

Chapter III – How to Maintain Your Relationship: Spice It Up a Little!
-How to Spice Up Your Relationship
-Examples of Talking Dirty to a Guy: Things to Text Your Boyfriend to Turn Him On
-Cute Coupons for Your Boyfriend

Chapter IV – Men and Commitment
-Men with Commitment Issues
-Fear of Commitment Signs
-Commitment Phobia Signs


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