How to Get Him – The unpredicted women’s way (Dating advice for women)

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Dating advice for women

How to make HIM stop being a douchebagr? The Secret sauce any woman and girl MUST know

This practical dating guide to success with men (or better: with THE man) is written from a woman martial artist’s point of view. It’s all unique – and true.

How to attract the man you desire? Who is he, anyway? Where will you meet him? For the very first time, the REAL Alpha Male’s secrets are yours to discover and use “against” them, using proven martial arts techniques.

Alpha Males seem impossible to crack: they are aggressive, and then passive, they don’t call you the day after your first date when they said that they would, and they make promises which they then don’t keep. Time and time again. Especially those ‘alpha males‘, the men you really want.

But don’t worry: by the time you finish reading this book, the ‘alpha male’ will seem far easier to decipher and you will rise to the challenge.

How is this obtainable?

By the mental adoption of several of the most effective physical techniques in “soft” martial arts (like Judo, Jiu Jitsu or Aikido). For thousands of years, such methods have allowed the ‘weak’ fighters to deal, with some degree of success, with those who at first glance seem to be stronger and more aggressive.

The information that you will obtain here has been inspired by ancient martial arts, developed by modern psychology and modified to fit your lifestyle, the one that exists both online and offline.

It’s not your ordinary dating for couples or dating advice for women guide.

As a result of reading this book, when you go to a pub, club or university class, men will seem more accessible, and more importantly, easier to hold on to long-term.

Don’t waste another day on empty advice and false hopes. Get this guide, then get your man!


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