How to Look Beautiful Boxed Set: Great Ways To Win Hearts and Impress People

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Because looking beautiful will take more than bombastic statements and empty promises. This set of books will give you a workable plan that will get you where you want to be!

This book will tell you
* the difference between fat loss and weight loss
* the psychological effects of being fat
* why you need muscle
*5 tips on how to combat holiday fat
*the benefits of yoga
*great recipes you can use
*why protein is necessary
*tips for driving the man you want crazy
*dating advice for all women
…and so much more


Book 1: The Bikini Body Diet Plan
Chapter 1 – Reality Check
Chapter 2 – Preparatory Phase
Chapter 3 – The Ready, Set, Go
Chapter 4 – Adapting to the Change
Chapter 5 – Learning the Lifestyle Change
Chapter 6 – Going with the Flow
Chapter 7 – Loving Your New Lifestyle
Chapter 8 – Increasing the Weight Loss Pace
Chapter 9 – Loving the New You
Chapter 10 – Get A Bikini Body

Book 2: The Bikini Body Detox Plan
Chapter 1 – Getting to Know Your Body
Chapter 2 – All Aboard the Detox Diet Express
Chapter 3 – Testing the Waters
Chapter 4 – Taking That First Step
Chapter 5 – Flushing the Fat
Chapter 6 – Continuing the Process
Chapter 7 – Sticking to the Plan
Chapter 8 – Goodbye, Sugar!
Chapter 9 – Maintaining the Weight Loss Advantage
Chapter 10 – Bikini Body Ready

Book 3: Dating Tips for Women
Chapter 1 – The World is Your Supermarket
Chapter 2 – Setting Up Camp
Chapter 3 – First Things First
Chapter 4 – Playing the Dating Game
Chapter 5 – Get the Ball Rolling
Chapter 6 – All Aboard the Dating Express
Chapter 7 – One Step Closer
Chapter 8 – Points to Remember
Chapter 9 – The Cherry On Top

Book 4: How to Make Any Man Fall in Love with You
Chapter 1 – In the Name of Love
Chapter 2 – Getting Out There
Chapter 3 – Stop, Look and Listen
Chapter 4 – Body Language
Chapter 5 – Talking the Talk
Chapter 6 – The First Date
Chapter 7 – Keep Him Guessing
Chapter 8 – In Too Deep
Chapter 9 – The Big Three
Chapter 10 – In It to Win It

DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE! You don’t want to miss ONE MINUTE of showing off your inner beauty, so get started TODAY!


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