How to Succeed with Women


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It’s the nineties and the rules have all changed for men. This straightforward guide tells single and divorced men how to handle this brave new dating world, providing complete step-by-step advice on everything from flirting and grooming, to courtship, establishing intimacy, and maintaining a relationship.Intended for single and divorced men who want to enjoy both casual and intimate relationships with the opposite sex, it delivers specific, detailed advice on how and where to meet women today, how to talk to them, how to ask a woman out, how to prepare for a date and keep date conversation flowing. Directly addressing intimacy issues, it reveals how to be a success romantically, discussing the five keys and five blocks to intimacy, and safe sex in the nineties. Men will also discover how to know if she’s the one and how to create a relationship for the long term. Conversely, it covers how to know when it’s over and how to end a relationship.Providing clear, no-nonsense solutions for many difficult dating/relationship problems, this is an invaluable source of information and guidance for any man unsure of the ground rules of the new “dating game.”