It’s All About Her

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The multitude of pressures that lead relationships between couples from their starting point of love, passion, respect, and hope to apathy, complacency, repetitiveness, and discouragement are often allowed to take hold, rendering the outlook for many relationships bleak. Women spend millions to find solutions in books and therapy. The hunt is for the approach that will solve their marital problems — or at least “fix” their spouse. Written by a man and for men, It’s All About Her speaks to everyday problem-solving and relationship-improving in practical, playful, and more than occasionally profound ways. Is it the last word on interpersonal relationships? No. A new interpretation of the planetary origins of the male and female psyches? Absolutely not. A simple, easy-to-read set of suggestions that any guy can try to enhance the fun, respect, excitement, and love in his marriage? Yes! Delivered in a straightforward, witty, and thought-provoking style, It’s Al About Her is designed to spur actions and insights that work in the real world. It provide dozens of how-to’s for everything from giving gifts and sharing a bathroom to entertaining, teaming on the career front, and even attending the kids’ sporting events. Some are about fun, some romance, some respect but all enhance the relationship – and recall the basics that often fall by the wayside in long-term, side-by-side living.