It’s Never Too Late To Marry: How to Have the Man and the Marriage of Your Dreams

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It’s Never Too Late To Marry: You Really Can Have the Man And The Marriage Of Your Dreams sooner than you ever thought possible.

If you’ve ever:

Begged a man to marry you and he said “no.”

Stayed too long with a man who was arrogant, cruel, addicted, or kinky.

Paid too much money to psychics or astrologers to find out if “he is the one.”

This book is for you!

In my book you will learn the 6 essential steps that will lead you to a man with whom you can share in a deep, committed relationship.

You will learn how to:

Have the confidence to attract and keep a good man.

Create intimacy and emotional connection with a man.

Make dating something you look forward to rather than fear.

Get your power back and create healthy boundaries.

Change neediness and anxiety into hope and confidence.

Stop experiencing unrequited love and longing for a man who isn’t right.

Feel like a woman who is worthy of having the man and the marriage of your dreams.

As a successful hypnotherapist for over 14 years I reveal how you can expand your limiting beliefs around love and marriage, using the power of your subconscious mind.

If you are struggling with being single, if you’ve lost hope in your dream of being a bride one day, I’m here to tell you that you really can have the man and the marriage of your dreams.

I don’t care how old you are or your past experiences, you will find out that “It’s Never Too Late To Marry!”


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