It’s Time To Take Out The Trash!: Get Rid Of That Loser and Get A Good Man!


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Please go to my website if you have’s time to “Take out the trash” and get you a good man. This book is all about you and the goodness you deserve. The key to getting rid of that loser is to understand you. You say you want to find a good husband, settle down, and get married, or maybe you already have one. The only problem is every man you meet or marry turns out to be a worthless loser who cheats, won’t work, and milks you for all your money. You ask yourself, what is wrong with me, why do I always end up with the guys who treat me badly? There is a good answer for that. People will do to you what you let them and this doesn’t just go for a man or woman treating you badly, this includes friends and family who use you. It’s a lot easier than you think to remedy this problem. There are several ground rules and standards that you can’t budge on, because they show a man or woman you will be easy to walk on and over and they can do whatever they want to you. Having a flourishing marriage or relationship starts from within, you have to setup a system that works for you. Establishing a foundation of what is and is not acceptable, is crucial in the beginning of a relationship. If a person is a worthless dog and cheater before you marry or get in a relationship with them, what would make you think they are going to magically change after you marry them or even move in with them? If I could stress one important thing, a good relationship or marriage has to be built. It’s not something that comes prepackaged with the perfect mate in a box. Once you have established a solid and workable foundation, building from there can be a winning situation. But, first you have to evaluate and know your self-worth. You are the most precious thing in the world and you cannot allow you to be damaged and destroyed. Think of yourself as an endangered species. If you are destroyed or damaged, what good will you be for anyone else, even yourself. Changing your old ways will not be easy, but you can and will be successful. After reading this book, you should never go back to your old ways and pick up old habits. Seriously, it’s time to take out the trash, and since you probably don’t have a man, who will do it for you, take out the trash yourself, at least this one time, and let’s start a new beginning. Please go to my website if you have