Learn the Secrets the Best Strippers Use to Seduce Men that Most Women will Never Know – Make him desire you like he never desired any woman before

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Make him desire you like he never desired any woman before

Hi, my name is Ellen and as you might have guessed when you saw the title of this book, I’m a stripper. When I was in my early twenties I always had problems with men and relationships. I had a hard time dating men and I always ended up with a bad boy, a player or some other kind of man who tried to take advantage of my kindness.

I was never in control.

A man would take me out on a couple of dates, would stay over and then lose interest. He ‘had’ me and was ready for his next conquest. I couldn’t seem to have a normal, fulfilling and emotionally stable relationship with a great guy. I didn’t seem to ‘get’ men. I didn’t get why they would lose interest, look at other women, cheat on me and so on. It was frustrating.

Until I became a stripper.

My looks never changed, but the mental game I learned to perfect as a stripper gave me control. I learned how to seduce men with my mind, how to hook them so they wouldn’t lose interest and always make them want more and more.

I learned how to increase attraction so much that some men even asked me to marry them. Right….

What I really like is that men cannot ‘play’ me any longer, I’m in control now.

A while ago a good girlfriend of mine had problems in her relationship. I saw her struggle with a guy she’d been dating for a couple of months. He was into her at first, but started to lose interest. When she texted him, it took him days before she would hear back from him. When she asked why that was, he would say everything was OK, but that he’d been busy. Right…those are the excuses I would have believed in the past as well. When your gut tells you something is wrong, something IS wrong. It’s the guy that is losing interest. There are ways to fix this, but the best trick is to simply never have him lose interest in the first place.

My friend never knew I was a stripper, people think I have a desk job since this is something I like to keep to myself. I love my job, but many people have a preconceived opinion about what I do. Nevertheless, since I saw how much she was hurting I decided to come clean and share some of my secrets with her. The secrets most good strippers know and use to seduce men and keep them hooked and interested…that most other women will never know. We have to know these things, that’s how I earn a good living.

One week later, she was back in the driver’s seat of her relationship. She recreated the level of attraction they had in the beginning and then went far beyond that. She’s in control now and they have a loving relationship where she’s not just a passenger, but at the wheel herself.

Would you like to learn some of those secrets and see how you can implement them in your own life?

Let’s get started.


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