Lock His Heart: How to Find and Keep the Man You Want

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This book has four sections:

Part 1: How to find and attract the kind of men that you want

Part 2: How to read and understand men

Part 3: How to get him to commit

Part 4: How to keep you and him happy in the long-run

The point of this book is to cover the essentials from start to finish to help you find the kind of men that are right for you, how to get them attracted and interested in you, how to get them to commit to you instead of perpetually avoiding an exclusive relationship, and how to keep you and your man happy for the long haul.

I’m of the opinion that a lot of the relationship advice about how to attract and deal with men that you’ve heard through your life is complete garbage.

My advice to you as you begin this book is to keep an open mind and if something offends you at first, consider the possibility that it’s something you could learn from… because as they say, “the truth hurts”.

Another thing I see frequently with women that are trying to improve their relationships is that they are really looking for advice on how to change men into who they think they want them to be…. This is not that book.

The advice in this book is to help improve the only person you have control over… yourself. So if you’re ready to take an honest look at yourself and figure out why your relationships haven’t been as good as they should be, then let’s get started…


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