LOVE MATCH: 50 Questions to Find your Mate

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Product Description

Steve Brass is the success behind this book. After a number of dead end relationships, he began writing Love Match. That’s when he met and married the love of his life. You can too.

Love Match gets to the core of a relationship by defining and exploring 50 Questions within the Five Pillars of Compatibility:
* Chemistry
* Cash
* Communication
* Caring
* Commitment
Each pillar provides the key questions for every person who is in a relationship or who wants to be in a long-lasting relationship.

Steve identified the Five Pillars and developed the 50 Questions while interviewing over one hundred people – single and in all types of relationships. Steve illustrates each section with stories from these interviews as well as his own life. The 50 Questions presented in Love Match provide a refreshing, practical approach to examining romantic relationships.

While they were dating, Steve and the woman who is now his wife, explored each and every question. The experience Steve gained in his interviews, together with the Five Pillars of Compatibility, helped them get to the core of their relationship.

Steve and his wife are happily married and continue to ask each other questions.