Make Him Commit and Think It’s His Idea

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Why Should You Read This?


If guy after guy stops calling you ‘out of
the blue’, then this book is for you.


Hint: It’s not ‘out of the blue’- there are very specific
reasons why they quit calling you and I’m going to show you how to stop the
behaviors that are turning them off.


If you’ve had more than one guy ‘shut down’
and quit talking during a disagreement
, then you need to read this.


If you ‘fight
a lot’ with every guy you date… maybe you’re not the unluckiest woman on the
planet that somehow ‘finds all the jerks’…


Maybe it’s YOU.


The fact
is, there are 5 very common things that women do unknowingly that really turn
men off… not only turn them off but have them running the opposite direction.


Most of
these you have no idea that you’re doing… In fact, you probably think that it’s
part of “playing the game”, when in reality you’re systematically turning him
off one mistake at a time.


A lot of
women think they know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to dating and
reeling in the guy they want… but a lot of times the results speak for


Next 30 Minutes Will Reverse Years of Frustration…


will only take you about 30 minutes to read… but it will help your dating
life out tremendously.


I’ve taken the biggest mistakes that women make
with us guys, and boiled them down into clear explanations that you’ll
instantly “get”… and it will become very clear where your problems are.


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