Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates

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Ladies, if you’ve ever shared a box of chocolates with your girlfriends while discussing why men are so hard to figure out, the answers might be staring you right in the face! The most delicious relationship advice book ever, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates is guaranteed to lift the spirits of any woman who has ever turned to chocolate during a romantic crisis.

To find out which chocolates Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Russell Brand and Charlie Sheen are, check out the video book trailer at 

Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates uses chocolate as a metaphor for men, dates and relationships. A drunken larrikin? He’s a Rum Ball. A beach bum? He’s a Coconut Chocolate. A sweet, but slightly chubby, foodie? He’s a Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow. You get the idea! (There are 34 ‘flavors’ altogether.) Insightful, relatable and laugh-out-loud funny, Men Are Like a Box of Chocolates is the literary equivalent of sitting down with your girlfriends, opening a fresh box of chocolates and having a good gab about the opposite sex.


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