Men Love Abuse: The Guide to Losing the Nice Girl Image & Getting the Man You Want (The Pocketbook Series)

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Are you tired of being the “nice girl”?

Do you believe nice girls finish last?

If you do, then this is the book for you. Men Love Abuse is the book to help women lose the “nice girl” image and get the man they want.

Men Love Abuse is delivered in the no-hold-barred, honest voice that Smalls is known for and will guide women from the moment they meet a man through the complicated dating phase. Smalls’ philosophy is: “be a bitch and you will get hitched.” Men only understand strength, so if you want that guy, you better “abuse” him. Never the one to promote violence, Smalls uses the word abuse as a metaphor to mean stop treating guys so nice.

The reader will leave feeling empowered and ready to take on any man they are dating or will soon to date. The rules are fun and easy, and Smalls breaks down the problems and solutions to any issue that may come up in a ship (friendship, courtship, or relationship).

About the Author: Tionna Tee Smalls is best known as the Relationship Advisor on Vh1’s What Chilli Wants (Season 1 and 2) who helped pop star Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas on her quest to find love. In this follow-up to her successful, award-winning book, Girl, Get Your Mind Right! (HarperCollins, 2011), Smalls tackles the issues that nice girls face in the world of relationships.


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