Mr Flirtatious – Playing Love Games (Singles Street Life)

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Mr Flirtatious is very popular on singles street. His charm has captured the hearts of many of the ladies he has come in contact with.Learn more about what makes him tick in this book , his background his love languages and how he would relate in a relationship.


Are you single and trying to negotiate the rough waters of the relationship game? Looking for the right person but can’t seem to find them? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to the ultimate resource for addressing the issues that face singles today. In these books, you’ll enjoy a fun read that deals with some of the various personalities that you may find swimming around out there in the dating pool.

Of course, we mean no harm or to attack anyone personally. Let’s just say it’s high time that we faced some of the positives and negatives about the dating scene.

We hope you’ll find these books an informative and enjoyable read. You may see yourself or your date in one or more of the characters. We pray you will laugh, and learn and be able to head into the dating world with new thoughts and ideas as well as important things to watch out for.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy your brief time with each of the singles you’ll meet in these books.

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About the Author:-

Ade D’Almeida is passionate about encouraging those who are single to enjoy and maximise life. With a mix of humour and straight talk she provides insights, tips, advice on dating, courtship, relationships and marriage.

Single for many years herself until she married in her 40s she feels qualified to talk about the highs and lows of single life. Her life is a testimony of how to break free from the negative perceptions and views singles often have to face as they just get on with everyday life. Her articles and books truly inspire.

Ade D’Almeida is a highly sought after mentor who has helped many single men and women live positive singles lives some of which have gone on to become happily married.

An accomplished author she has written over 50 books and manuals on the subject of dating, relationships, courtship and marriage. Short extracts of some of the books she has written can be found on her website –

As an elite member of the wealth alliance group achieving success in all areas of life is this author’s passion for all the people who encounter her work.