Old Maid Syndrome: Why Men Don’t Marry Narcissistic Women

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Women become old maids because they make bad choices that leave them unequipped for mature relationships. Men prefer relationships with experienced, less troublesome women, so old maids miss the boat for marriage as a direct result of their lack of social and sexual experience.

Old maids often choose lifestyles that promote the development of psychological disorders such as sexual neuroses and anorexia, and many exhibit symptoms of narcissism. Choosing to live and breathe their careers round the clock leaves many old maids with little time to learn how to interact with men and develop relationships. This book examines the psychological differences between married women and old maids and how these differences influence their behavior, and explains why old maids are prone to develop specific types of delusions about men.

This book features hard-hitting critical analyses of old maids by male and female psychologists and commentators, and includes a chapter about the similarities and differences between old maids and old bachelors.


Chapter One: How Women Become Old Maids

Chapter Two: Different Types Of Old Maids

Chapter Three: Married To Their Careers

Chapter Four: Delusional Narcissism

Chapter Five: Supply And Demand For Men

Chapter Six: Married Women And Old Maids

Chapter Seven: Bitter Old Maids

Chapter Eight: Old Maids After Forty

Chapter Nine: Social Conditioning

Chapter Ten: Miseducating Narcissists

Chapter Eleven: Delusions About Men

Chapter Twelve: Old Maids And Old Bachelors



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