Partners In Passion


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The secret world of human intimacy and energy exchange revealed! Balance the power and multiply the passion in all your man/woman relationships. From the energies of money and dating to the energies of sex, Partners in Passion takes you on a fascinating journey into the realm of relationships through the worlds of energy, force and power. Packed with evolutionary ideas and practical techniques for developing a deeper connection with your partner and greater personal awareness, this breakthrough approach to intimacy and gender offers a new blueprint that will increase your belief in the amazing possibilities and satisfactions you can experience when your man/woman relationships are energetically balanced and enhanced. You will discover: How men and women are energetically different and what this means for you How to work with these energetic differences to create great relationships The 7 levels of love and sex and how to determine what level your relationship is at The 7 laws of love and how these affect the depth of attraction and energy transference possible between any two people The 15 energy secrets of a successful marriage What energy mapping is and why it is so crucial Techniques for seeing the human aura and tips for reading body language How to clean and balance the energy in your home How to recognize and move on from addictions, vices and abusive relationships How balancing the power between men and women is the most significant step we can take in bringing peaceful world change