Playing the Field Dating Game (The Ultimate Conversation, Volume 1)

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“There is nothing worse than ‘dating dead-air’. Playing the field not only eliminates the possibility of awkward silence, it gets you the info you want in a matter of hours, not months.” Shannon Holly, DJ, Star 94, Atlanta’s #1 Radio Station

Join the Condense Dating Movement! In today’s world of instant text messages, email and voice mail, time is of the essence. Everyone wants someone special to share their life with, but who wants to devote months or even years to find out if Mr. Right-Now is Mr. Right?!?

One day too long with Mr. Wrong is one day less with Mr. Right. So I say, let’s get to the good stuff and have fun doing it with Playing the Field…

Playing the Field Dating Game is your new Dating BFF. Your hands-on matchmaker.

Think of this game as your Best Friend, your Sister and your Favorite Aunt all rolled into one. The voice that directs you! Your gutsy best friend who asks the sex questions, your inquisitive Aunt who asks the deep-rooted family questions and your ball-breaker younger sister who doesn’t back down until he tells it all.

Overcome your hesitancy in getting to know each other by playing the game that asks the important questions.

You have a say in who you choose. Find your Partner for Life! Play the Field BUT Play It for Keeps! Make the most important purchase of your dating life today!

As Seen In: Cosmopolitan Magazine, DailyCandy, CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, Q100. Winner of the Toy Man Award of Excellence

“Finally, here is a game and companion book that facilitates communication in a practical, down to earth, and FUN way. Not only a ‘how to’ for getting to know your date, but it will also get you thinking about who you are and what you like. This is a MUST HAVE for any woman’s dating tool bag.” – Markus Wiegel, Ph.D.